Daily Bait and Click 1/6/16 Star Wars Merchandising

A long time ago…in a galaxy far far away…there was outrage! Many activists were angered this week by the apparent exclusion of the new Star Wars Episode 7 character Rey, from the new version of Star Wars Monopoly…a story which you can read here Missing Rey.

Regardless of which side you’re on in this debate, my point, and the main point of this post, is that if Rey is not in Monopoly. No fear! because I’m sure that she is on literally  the thousand of different products that have tied into this movie.  If you thought Frozen was over zealous in it’s product tie ins to it’s movie, Star Wars has taken it to the max.  If you can think of a product, it probably has star wars on it…in fact I encourage you to Google a consumer product ,and not find a version with Star Wars in it.  As much as I love my Star Wars, the sheer amount of stuff out their with it’s name slapped on it is astounding. to re-iterate my point, just look at some of this stuff! Weirdest Star Wars Products

So embrace the Dark Side, open your wallets, and scoop up your favorite Star Wars gear


Daily Bait and Click 1/4/16

Today was the day! Donald trump released his first TV ad, and say what you will about the man, he knows how to effectively present his points. You can check out the ad here Da Trumpsters Ad

Looking at his ad though I did notice it followed the tried and true formula of any political advertisement.  Democrat or Republican these ads always seem to go the same way, and seem to play very often. So if you ever plan to run for public office, I’ve made a “how to” on how to create an effective political ad…and here it is…How to make a political ad

Daily Bait and Click 12/30/15

Happy Wednesday! Hump Day! In honor of the occasion, here’s a video of Camel racing! Camel Racing

Who knew Camel Racing could be so high tech! Granted you can tell they don’t run as fast as horses, but there’s still spectacle to had…Still would rather watch a horse race though…Think there’s a metaphor in there about soccer somewhere. USA sports all the way! and once again, Happy Hump Day!

Another Day…Another Bowl Game

Don’t get me wrong, I love football, but these college bowl seasons are starting to become more of a lesson in endurance rather than simply enjoying the game.  There are so many teams, and so many different bowls now it’s making my head spin. I can only get so excited about watching two 6-6 teams battle it out in the “Insert Car Insurance Company/ Loan Agency Name Here” bowl, let alone once, but for many days in a row.  I feel like we need to trim back the long list of bowls, as at this point the field of games is starting to get a bit…diluted. Take a listen to this recent sports TV show, and maybe you’ll see my point.

Bowled Out

And to illustrate my point further, just look how many bowls are on this list!

2015 Bowl Schedule

At a certain point it becomes a bit overwhelming…limit the bowls! and save my free time!

Daily Bait and Click 12/28/15

Merry Happy Joyous Holly Jolly week between Christmas and New Years!  That lovely layover time between two winter holidays.  I do have some scrumptious leftovers for you from this weekend, and they’re not that Christmas Ham.

So Apparently Peyton Manning took performance enhancing drugs back in 2011 which I find highly unlikely…seeing as far as football players go Peyton is probably the doughiest of them all.  I mean for goodness gracious sakes his largest source of income right now is acting in pizza ads.  Needless to say, the whole situation has made the internet do what it does best..spit out memes.  So without further ado here are some of the best Peyton memes the internet has to offer.

Funniest Peyton Meme’s